LeBron James, IBM, and Oracle

Mark Kolanach, Director of Sales and Business Development at brij

In the ‘Decision 2.0’ (or ‘The Departure’, as they are calling it in Miami), LeBron decided he wanted to return home to Cleveland and make it his career goal to win a Championship for his home team, four years after one of the worst breakups in professional sports.  Four years ago the team owner wrote one of the most scathing letters ever directed at a departing free agent in history and fans burned his jersey in the streets.  Of course, that letter has now been removed from the team website and fans are again buying his jersey in droves.  It just goes to show you how quickly things can change.

  •  On July 15th, 2014, IBM and Apple announced a partnership that brings Big Blue’s big data and security capabilities natively to Apple’s iPads and iPhones.
  • On June 25th, 2013, Oracle and salesforce.com announced they would be developing out-of-the-box integrations between Oracle’s Cloud Applications and SF.com’s CRM applications.

The reality of life and business is that partnerships are based on mutual needs.  LeBron has a personal agenda to fulfill in Cleveland, which that market would love him to fulfill, and the technology companies listed above are responding to their customer’s needs.  Oracle is acknowledging that companies prefer to use salesforce.com’s CRM system and that the price for increased adoption of their Cloud ERP system is providing native integrations to that system, in spite of competing with their own CRM offering.  Apple is acknowledging that they need more security and provisioning capabilities for their iPads and iPhones to gain marketshare in the corporate marketplace, and in return IBM gets native access for their big data applications to the leading tablet platform in the world.

Do I expect these marriages to last forever?  Absolutely not, while each vendor covers a current gap with their partnership, it is certain they are working to address that within their own offerings in the future.  That is the advantage of working with Tier One vendors, they have the vision and ability to execute on that vision in the long run.  That is a big reason why brij has tied its future to Oracle and their JD Edwards and Cloud ERP offering, Oracle has a long history of success in this space  as well as the vision and ability to execute on that vision.  We expect many exciting developments from Oracle in the ERP and CRM space in the next two years, based on their product roadmaps and history of success in delivering on those promises.  And as far as LeBron and Cleveland, after his ‘marriage of convenience’ in Miami, he returns to Cleveland a much more complete player, ready to take them to the promised land of a Championship.  That is the one partnership listed here that I expect will last.






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