BI Publisher Advanced Technique #2: Tray Selection/AP Check Printing in Embedded BI Publisher

Victor Lang 3 days ago | Comments (0)

This is a continuation of my blog series on Embedded BI Publisher advanced techniques. This series covers some creative tactics we discovered during a recent JD Edwards Upgrade project that included converting JD Edwards’ Formscape reports to BI Publisher.

This post deals with specifying which printer tray a specific report will use when printing.

Specify Specific Printer Trays for Specific Outputs

In order to route the finished outputs of BI Publisher to a specific tray of the printer, there is no direct solution provided in JD Edwards / BI Publisher. For example, in case of AP Check process, if you would like to route checks to tray 4 of the printer (this tray may have the pre-printed check paper) and route remittance details to tray 2 of the printer containing plan paper, you can accomplish this functionality through the following steps. Our client wanted to use the check stock paper for checks and plain legal for details.

Using the Microsoft Word add-in for BI Publisher there is a feature that provides a way to set this up, but BI Publisher doesn’t honor tray settings done in Word when using Embedded BI Publisher with JD Edwards.

Here are the steps to achieve this functionality.

Get the ppd file of the post script printer you want to print through the documents and modify the file to change the sequence of the printer.

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