Q Software Introduces Support For EnterpriseOne Pages

New Functionality Enables JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.x Users To Deploy EnterpriseOne Pages Securely

Denver, April 04, 2013 – Q Software Global, an Oracle Gold Partner and provider of security management and compliance solutions for JD Edwards users, has announced support for EnterpriseOne Pages in the latest version of its Task View Manager product for JD Edwards 9.x users.

Q Software allows users to create and manage Task Views very efficiently, then automatically generate security that is closely aligned with the menus, making it much easier to manage Task Views, Roles and security. The introduction of support for the security type that secures the HomePage for EnterpriseOne pages means that users can now secure access to published EnterpriseOne pages by Role or by User.

The addition of a process that can be run to analyze the current Pages structure means that changes can be made and published with ease, ensuring the accuracy of any reports required for audit and compliance measures.

“Oracle is investing a huge amount of effort to make JD Edwards EnterpriseOne easier to use across a broad range of devices,” said Mike Ward, Vice President of Q Software. “We are very keen to ensure thatusers can embrace these new initiatives, knowing that the new access routes are fully secure and will satisfy proper audit supervision.”

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