JD Edwards and SharePoint Integration it is possible and easy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

By David Akka

Most IT environments are heterogeneous. OK so there may be the odd IT department which is wall to wall IBM or Oracle but take a closer look and you will usually find a number of applications from a number of vendors. The cause of this heterogeneity may that the company adopted the best of breed for the job at hand, it may be because the enterprise has grown by acquisition or it may have just happened as organic growth with Sales acquiring a CRM they liked that was then handed over to IT. Whatever the reason the vast majority of us exists in a world where the CRM comes from one place the ERP another and the database from yet another. In these situations IT can battle hard to become uniform or they can work with what we have and ensure that each application is integrated with the others giving users and the business a single vision of the data. Sounds like hard work I know but it is possible and a recent Whitepaper released by Magic not only details how this is possible but also why it should be compulsory in the current economic climate. Integration when done well reduces inefficiencies and cost and can increase productivity.

Here I wanted to look specifically at integrating JD Edwards and SharePoint as that seems to be something that is cropping up again and again in the conversations I am having, however the business needs behind the requirements, as you will see, are not exclusive to those eco systems. One of my colleagues in the States recently conducted some research which highlighted not only some surprising reasons for system integration but also revealed some real problems to avoid when doing so.

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