How to tackle Big Data cleanup

February 18, 2013, 4:48 AM PST

Takeaway: Mary Shacklett outlines six tips for classifying and cleaning up data.

Researcher IDC’s Digital Universe Report in 2010 projected a 45x growth in data by 2020, with 80 percent of that data under enterprise management. Equally as revealing was the sub-title of that same report: “Extracting Value from Chaos.”

Finding value out of chaos is exactly what corporate IT is faced with as big data continues its advance to the forefront of mission-critical enterprise computing. All of this paves the way for the inglorious task of “housecleaning” this mass of semi- and unstructured data so it can be readily accessed to answer mission-critical questions, meet corporate data governance and regulatory standards, provide agility (and not latency) for applications that are being asked to run faster, and reduce the amount of data to be stored so that corporate data centers and storage systems are not deluged.

How do companies “get there?”

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