6 Ways Business Could Change in 2013


Dec 27, 2012
At long last, the fax machine may finally die. Read on for more shifts next year that may change how you do business.

Time to dust off the crystal ball and start looking to the future. These might not seem like game-changers quite yet, but how you respond (and make plans) for these trends could impact your bottom line dramatically.

1. Reverse outsourcing will pick up speed.

Everyone knows the jobless rate is too high in the U.S. Himanshu Sareen, the CEO of IT service provider Icreon Tech says he sees an interesting trend for 2013 developing that will involve “redistributing jobs.” That’s a fancy way of saying businesses will bring jobs back to the U.S. from overseas. Even Apple has announced it plans to start building manufacturing facilities here, despite what Steve Jobs once told President Obama.

2. Reputation management gets serious.

I first wrote about reputation management in a recent column in Inc. According to Leah Luddine from TrendSetter Communications, businesses will become even more concerned about what others are saying about their brand on social networks. She says the issue will become more important because of a greater need for accuracy in reviews of a company service or how a brand is covered online, and because tools like Reputation.com now work more effectively.

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One thought on “6 Ways Business Could Change in 2013

  1. I second the sentiment that reputation management will become a more serious field. As social media continues to grow and mature, companies will begin to realize that their reputation can be made and lost over a simple tweet and will react accordingly.

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