Top 10 ERP Implementation Myths Blog Series – Part 2

ERP Implementation Myth Number 2:  Your current system defines your needs

I can’t count the number of times we have met with users to understand their requirements and have been told things like: “I have to have this one report—it is what I use to do my job and you need to show me that you have this exact report.” or “Right now I have to go into one screen to see my inventory and another to process a transaction.  I really need one screen that has all of the information on it.”  And those statements might be entirely accurate…in your existing system.  But is your goal to recreate your existing system and continue using it the same way? If so, write me a big check and keep using your old system and we should both be very happy.

The reality is that you will be replacing not just the tool you use to do your job, but hopefully changing how you do your job for the better.  Modern ERP systems include workflow that can help you manage by exception, eliminating the need for cumbersome reports.  Real time updates replace batch processing and on-screen prompts eliminate the need for bouncing between screens.  These changes mean that during the ERP software implementation process, the project team has a dual role: helping the ERP vendor understand the business reasons behind what you do now—“the WHY?” of what you are doing, and helping end users envision their jobs using a new system in a new way.

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Richard Garraputa, VP Sales and Marketing,  brij Image and Information


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