Are you running all the necessary reports before publishing financial statements?

All reports should be run at least monthly. Where possible, it is recommended that all reports should be run weekly, and scheduled on a night attendant.  The Unposted Batches Report should be run and all relevant batches be posted before publishing financial statements.

Financial Integrity Reports

AR to GL by Batch

AR to Account Balance by Account ID

AR to GL Receipts


A/P Original Doc to G/L by Batch

A/P Payments to G/L by Batch

A/P to G/L by Offset Account

A/P Payments to A/P w/ Update


Unposted Batches

Transactions to Batch Headers

Batch to Detail

Company by Batch Out of Balance

Batches Out of Balance

Companies in Balance

Intercompany Accounts in Balance

Accounts Without Business Units

Account Balance Without Account Master

Transactions Without Account Master

Account Balance to Transactions


Fixed Assets to GL

Unposted Fixed Asset Transactions

Fixed Asset Transaction Integrity

GL to Fixed Assets Integrity


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