Sales Order Tax Inclusive Pricing for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

On April 5th, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne announced the availability of sales order tax inclusive pricing for Release 9.0.

In some countries, such as China, it is a common business practice to include tax in the sale price of an item. Without this enhancement, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management uses the unit price, exclusive of tax, on the sales order line and then adds tax to determine the total taxed price. With this enhancement, Sales Order Management enables the flexibility to price sales order lines either inclusive or exclusive of tax. The new tax inclusive pricing capability starts with a taxable unit price on the sales order line and then the system decomposes this total taxed price to determine the price without tax and the tax amount. The system stores the tax inclusive price and tax amount in a new table and uses the values in all downstream sales processes.
Using tax inclusive pricing on sales orders enables you to:
• Flexibly define the sales orders that use tax inclusive pricing based on the customer.
• Dynamically enter tax inclusive prices on sales orders.
• View the taxable price, tax amount, extended taxable price, and extended tax amount during sales order entry.
• Flexibly define the date that the system uses to calculate tax.
• Ensure the prices entered on the sales order are used throughout the sales processes.
• Update tax inclusive prices on the sales order when tax rates change.
• Output the prices inclusive or exclusive of tax to the China Jinshui interface.

Sales order tax inclusive pricing is driven by a new system constant. To take advantage of the new functionality, existing 9.0 customers must activate the new Enable Sales Taxed Prices constant prior to entering sales orders.


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