Innovation on the Road to Recovery

Michael Hawksworth, the President of MSS brings up some thought provoking topics in light of the current economic conditions:

Business leaders need to be addressing the following questions:

* What should our strategic direction and priorities be?
* How can we stimulate creative thinking and spawn innovation within the organization?
* How can we accelerate and improve business strategy alignment and organizational decision making?
* How can we profoundly understand our customers changing needs?

Here’s his conclusion: “The current economic conditions are improving and large enterprises are already preparing for the recovery by moving forward with opportunistic strategic projects and initiatives. Mid-enterprise companies must act with the same urgency. The use of accelerated methods to re-evaluate business strategy and initiatives, identify customer’s emerging needs in rapidly changing environments, re-prioritize projects and implement changes will separate the winners from the losers in today’s complex business environment. Mid-enterprise companies need to begin this process now before they are overwhelmed with operational challenges created by the current state of their business as a result of downsizing and adjustments during the recession.”

Read in between the lines in this full article…..


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