HTML Option for My Oracle Support Now Available

If you need to access My Oracle Support in a non-Flash Player environment, an HTML option is now available. Accessible from the My Oracle Support login page, the HTML option includes a subset of functionality available on My Oracle Support. It includes:

* SR management, including create and update SR, attachments, and configuration association
* Browse and search the knowledgebase
* Patch search and download
* Favorites
* User administration
* Hot Topics
* Bug Summary
* Service Request Management Reports

The HTML option does not include the following functionality, which is only available in the Flash version of My Oracle Support:

* Systems
* Projects
* Healthchecks
* Patch Advice & Recommendations
* Inventory Reporting
* CRM OnDemand Service Requests & Knowledge

The same data is presented in both interfaces, including your Favorites. If your browser does not have the Flash player plug-in installed, if it is below the minimum version, or if you have Flash player blocked the “Sign In” button will be grayed out. Use this link to sign in through the HTML interface.


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