Pre-Open Files in JD Edwards World

To give your interactive programs a speed boost, consider allowing users to access some of the system files to Pre-Open.  When you setup a group of files to be pre-opened (see figure 1 below), those files are opened when the users log into their World environment, and stay open until they log off.  This only applies to interactive, not batch programs.  There are numerous files (security file, address book, branch plant constants, order activity rules, business unit master, etc.) that are opened & closed multiple times during the course of the day.  If these files we’re opened only once at sign-on, interactive programs using these files will not have to perform the open & close on those files because it’s already happened.  The initial log-on & log-off will take a little longer than usual, but the time saved during the working day offsets this minor slowdown.  A word of warning. Use common sense.  You don’t want to try to pre-open every file each user needs.    Instead, just pre-open those they access excessively (like the business unit master), but not transaction type files (like sales order detail) unless that user is in that file all day long.  The pre-open process  locks those files for each user, so copying those files will be a little more difficult for your IT staff (difficult but not impossible).

To set this up:
•    The security officer needs to access the G944 menu option 16 (see figure 2 below).  There are some predefined Pre-Opens, and they located in the F0095 file.  Depending on which version of World you are using the Pre-Open file names will be different.  Create your own or use the predefined ones.
•    Once you’re done with creating your own, or finding the predefined ones you want to use, the security officer will need to apply them by using the G94 menu option 2.  Inquire on a user, tab down to User Type, and add the Pre-Open type you want the user to use.  Once you’ve added it, they will have to sign-off and back on again for the change to occur.  Removing it from the user profile will stop the Pre-Open as well (after the user has logged off the system).

Note: The example screen shots are from World A9.1

Figure 1


Figure 2


Tom Kirkley – Senior Technical Specialist, brij


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