EnterpriseOne 8.11 Support Options

Premier Support for this release (including SP1) ends in December 2009 with Regulatory and Legislative fixes ending in December 2010

Oracle offers 8.11/ 8.11SP1 customers the option of Extended Support which provides customers an additional three years of full Premier support on EnterpriseOne 8.11/ 8.11SP1. Extended Support does carry a nominal uplift on your maintenance fees but allows you to continue to receive expert assistance and newly required fixes for your 8.11/8.11SP1 instances without interruption for this period. In addition, your company preserves your current investment and rights in ongoing licenses and upgrades.

Your second option is to move forward with current plans to upgrade. EnterpriseOne 9.0 was announced for general availability in September 2008, bringing with it Premier Support until September 2013. This release includes several key enhancements for many industries like Engineering/ Construction, Consumer Goods and Industrial Manufacturing.

Your third option under Lifetime Support is to remain on 8.11/8.11SP1, Sustaining Support which will continue indefinitely after December 2009 at your current maintenance investment rate. This option preserves your future release licensing options and comes with continued support from the Global Services team as well as access to existing fixes for known 8.11/ 8.11SP1 issues.

Other EnterpriseOne Support Dates –


Need more details?  Contact info@brij.net.


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