Computer Donations Needed

I had the pleasure of being on the High Point Community Foundation Grants Committee a couple of weeks ago. It is a daunting task to be on a board where your job is to determine who is going to receive grant funding and who is not. There are so many needy organizations and so little money to pass out, we ended up spending two days working to come to a decision on who would receive and who would go without. There were three proposals from worthy organizations who are looking to upgrade their technology, many are using computers and technology that is 8 to 10 years old. All of these received little or no funding in the grants process.


The Eternal Life Youth Ministry

Boys and Girls Clubs of High Point

The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of High Point


All three organizations that focus on youth to provide increased access to academic, social, character building and learning experiences. They currently have an outdated computers and need to upgrade their equipment. Most of this equipment is too old to run any kind of newer software.  



So again I am asking the business community to please let me know if your organization is planning on replacing any laptop or desktop computers. Any donation will go directly to help disadvantaged youth with these three organizations.


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